Academically Gifted Learners

St. Anne Catholic School recognizes that all students are graced with God-given gifts and talents. Through the use of differentiated instruction and Universal Design for Learning (UDL), students are afforded extended opportunities to address their academic abilities and talents within the inclusive classroom environment. Teachers vary instruction using data collected on students and offer remediation and enrichment. Understanding the need to challenge students academically, St. Anne does use a process to identify academically strong learners. 

Students who meet our eligibility guidelines as seen below are identified as academically gifted learners at the beginning of third grade. This criterion was developed according to the SC state guidelines for Gifted and Talented.  We know that academically gifted learners typically learn quickly and desire greater depth of content.  Our instruction will aid the development of critical thinking and communication skills through project-based learning within the general ed classroom.

Eligibility/Identification Guidelines
    ▪    A student qualifies as an Academically Gifted Learner if they score at the 96th percentile or higher composite score on CogAT or 96th percentile or higher core composite on MAP.

A student may also qualify as an Academically Gifted Learner if they meet the criteria for Dimension A and Dimension B listed below.

Dimension A (Reasoning Abilities)
    ▪    To qualify in dimension A the student must score at the 93rd percentile or higher in one category (verbal, quantitative, nonverbal) and/or composite of the three categories.

Dimension B (High Achievement)
    ▪    To qualify in dimension B the student must score at the 93rd percentile or higher in Reading and/or Math based upon MAP testing.