Middle School

St. Anne Catholic Middle School provides an outstanding Catholic education, enabling students to excel in scholarship, leadership, character development, and service. Our students are prepared to be lifelong learners and leaders in the Church and society. With a college-preparatory education beginning in 6th grade that speaks to the whole person, St. Anne promotes a strong academic tradition of critical thinking, intellectual curiosity and active social responsibility.

Middle school students attend classes following the A/B Day rotating schedule. Their schedule includes six 80-90 minute blocks: Religion, science, social studies, math, English Language Arts, and RTI Eagle time. The RTI Eagle time allows students to get extra help, sharpen their executive functioning skills, and work on outstanding projects or assignments. The A/B Block model supports deeper learning by allowing a variety of activities and differentiated instruction to occur during a single class period. Middle school students also attend one co-curricular class each day and have a free recess period.

Curriculum and Instruction