The St. Anne Preschool Program fosters the growth of the whole child and provides an educational foundation which includes all aspects of child development: social, emotional, cognitive, cultural, physical, and spiritual. Through a full day preschool program our three and four year old children experience success through a faith-based, nurturing learning environment. Our teachers respect each child as individuals who develop at their own unique pace. The preschool program offers a variety of instructional strategies and activities to meet all learning styles and levels. Through a close-knit family atmosphere, our preschool children: 

  • Begin to know Jesus and develop Christian values

  • Engage in hands-on learning with multi-sensory materials

  • Experience the “Creative Curriculum” through integrated unit studies 

  • Participate in music, PE, library, and Spanish elective classes 

  • Grow developmentally by learning through play

  • Become master creative writers through “Handwriting without Tears” program

  • Develop a sense of responsibility as they learn independence 

  • Build social skills and friendships as they move away from parallel play

A few requirements for our preschool children: 

  • Must be potty trained before entering preschool 

  • Must turn three by September 1st for our K3 class

  • Must turn four by September 1st for our K4 class