The Small School Advantage

Throughout our 71 year history, St. Anne Catholic School has always held the belief that children are more likely to become their most authentic selves in the safety and comfort of a smaller, more intimate environment.

Now more than ever, it is important to provide these children with an anchor in a society that is becoming increasingly globalized. Thrusting children into an overwhelming environment can often hinder their social, emotional, and academic development. By providing them with a safe place to build a secure foundation we are equipping them with the tools necessary to succeed at college and beyond. The intimate community at St. Anne School instills a sense of security and confidence that will carry them far beyond our K-12 walls.

Educational research strongly supports the positive impact a small school environment has on academic success:

  • Our intimate environment and low student-teacher ratio places emphasis on the individual learner.

  • Differentiated instruction gives every student the opportunity to succeed. This results in higher academic achievement, a positive attitude towards school, and a solid sense of self- identity.

  • In addition to differentiated instruction, our curriculum includes cross-curricular instruction, religious education across the curriculum, and hands-on learning experiences.

  • Our teachers have the ability to develop a personal relationship with our students, which allows them to identify their needs, talents, and God-given potential.

  • All stakeholders come to know and take ownership of our school. The emphasis on community and personal interaction helps to develop healthy, long-lasting relationships. Our students develop a strong sense of community that translates into pride in their community and civic leadership.