The John Paul the Great Program for the Arts is inspired by John Paul II’s Letter to Artists and is built on the premise that the Arts are essential to the cognitive and spiritual development of the whole person. We believe that the Arts are an essential component to a strong Christian community and developing Catholic hospitality.

The goals of the program are to:

  • educate all St. Anne students in the Arts

  • foster and develop the abilities of St. Anne students showing talent and drive in the Arts

  • create a nourishing Christian community that reaches out to the larger community

  • inspire our educators to innovate and imagine new forms of teaching

The program will do this by:

  • providing core and elective classes in art, music, creative writing, and the performing arts

  • implementing extra-curricular programming to supplement our strong core curriculum

  • inviting guest artists and master teachers in to lend their expertise and interact with the student body

  • hosting programming (performances, exhibits, and concerts) that engages our students with the school body, the parish, and the larger community

  • employing the Arts across the curriculum in using the Arts Program to assist all teachers in utilizing instructional methods that include the arts