Campus Ministry

St. Anne School Campus Ministry is dedicated to providing each student with opportunities to grow in faith and to love God and neighbor. Inspired by the words of Christ and our Catholic faith, we are committed to living out our school motto, Let it be known to all who enter here that Christ is the reason for this school, the unseen, but ever-present teacher in its classes, the model of its faculty and the inspiration of its students. 

The Campus Ministry team, along with faculty and staff, offer countless opportunities to enhance the spiritual formation of our students. These opportunities include weekly Mass, prayer services, retreats, and service to the school and the wider community.


  • To develop a positive self-image in relationship to a loving God in each student.

  • To embrace the God-created world, the teachings of Jesus, the grace of the Holy Spirit and the value of human beings created by the grace of God

  • To communicate and proclaim the Gospel message through scripture, worship, prayer, and the call to service.

  • To invite and encourage involvement in and celebration of the faith community through various forms and styles of worship

  • To foster the personal and spiritual growth of each person

  • To help individuals realize their significance as citizens in relationship to school, family, Church and the world

  • To call on and encourage members of the school community to share their gifts and to minister to others’ needs

  • To raise consciousness about the need for people to work toward a more just, safe and peaceful world

  • To complement the general goals and objectives of the religion curriculum provided by the Diocese of Charleston