Student Leadership

         YCRC Ignite Your Innovation Youth Leadership Event

This mission of St. Anne Catholic School is to develop “virtuous leaders of society.” At St. Anne, many opportunities are provided to give students the opportunity to practice not only leadership but team-based followership (the ability to take direction well) as well. This is accomplished through a variety of activities that move students toward personal growth and allow for a deeper understanding of who they are and how they are being called to lead. 

St. Anne is the beacon for limitless opportunity and support; The  teachers and faculty not only foster independence, but also  encourage investigating any curiosity we may have, no matter the  significance of the interest itself. The small class-size influences  any spark of confidence that allows for students to develop ideas  and present connections while in class. St. Anne is a place where  embarrassment does not exist, meaning that the school cultivates  kids who have no fear.    Student, Class of 2019

Student Leadership Opportunities